6 July 2019

General Information

Date:  July 6, 2019
Location: Ayvalık CUNDA Island Doğa Camping
Tracks: Cycling 12km / Swimming 2km / Running 12km / Combined (Cycling + Swimming + Running)
Sponsors: HİS Federation, Ayvalık District Governorate, Ayvalık Municipality, SALOMON, INTERSPORT,  REXONA, REDBULL, SUP Turkey, ARGEUS
Participants’ Profile:  All participants should be 18 years of age (the minimum born in 2001). Quota is limited to 800 people.

Registration Procedure

After completing the registration form and making the payment, your name will appear in the list of participants. If you have entered an incorrect information, you can have it corrected by sending an e-mail.

The last registration date is Tuesday, June 18th. No entries shall be made after this date or in the event area. When the quota is full, registrations may close earlier.

Early Registration: From 15 January to 31 May, one branch TL 70 – combined TL 180

Late Registration: From 1 June to 2 July, one branch TL 85 – combined TL 225

IMPORTANT: If the participants cannot participate in the events for any reason (business, family, health, etc.), no refund will be made. Registration fees will not be transferred to another activity or person.


Friday, 5 July Saturday, 6 July Sunday, 7 July
17:00 / Opening and delivering kits 09:00 / Cycling Start 08:00 / Yoga
20:00 / Closing 13:00 / Swimming Start
18:00 / Running Start
19:45 / Award Ceremony
00:00 / After Party (Beach)

Sportsman Kit:  First 1111 participants shall be provided activity t-shirt and cyclists number with chips and swimmers swimming cap and bracelet with chip. Participants who do not use / forget the number and chip shall be considered out of rank / unclassified. Kits that are not received at least 1 hour before the start time of the event are not given and no claim can be made. Cloakroom service shall be provided.

Event Area and Tracks


For all events, gathering/start and finish location is “Doğa Caravan Camping” area. Activity location is within walking distance to the Cunda center. You can continue at the Cunda Marina / Ayvalık Sports carpet area direction and go to the left dirt road and reach the area after about 400 meters. Cafeteria, changing room, toilet-shower, beach, water and electricity, parking services are available. There will be 1 ambulance and health team in the activity area and a life squad on the swimming course.

There are slopes and descents on the cycling and running track. The course will start at 2m altitude and the highest point is 125 meters. The ground is a hard-stone soil with a partial asphalt transition. You can choose your tire accordingly. You should enter the course with a mountain bike with a front shock absorber. Helmet is absolutely obligatory. For comfort and safety, it is recommended to use a locked pedal, cycling tights and gloves, and sunglasses. Although You can run with any running shoe, it is recommended to use a shock absorber-based shoe, weather-resistant clothing and additional materials such as sunglasses and hats. There is a water station in the race. The finishing limit for bikes is 90 minutes and running tracks is 120 minutes. Participants who cannot complete within the time limits shall be considered out of ranking.


The swimming track has 2km length and is suitable for the audience. The course will be completed in a triangle from right to left. The sea floor has a sandy structure and shallow at 2-6 m depth. The average water temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius. All kinds of swimwear and wetsuit are free to use. The course is marked with buoys. There are 2 control points in the course. The 1st control point is at the level of 750 meter and should be passed in 30 minutes. 2. The control point is 1100.meter and should be passed in 45 minutes. The course should be completed in 75 minutes. The timeout is a reason of disqualification and the swimmers are removed from the course and taken to the referee’s boat.


Categories and Awards

Age Classification: There is 4 different age group based on date of birth at the birth certificate. Age of 18-29 (born 2001-1990) / Age of 30-39 (born between 1989-1980) / Age of 40-49 (born between 1979-1970) / ages of 50 and over (born on1969 and earlier).
A. Single Branch Participation and Awards: It means you will join one of the cycling or swimming or running stages. Those who cannot complete the course within the time limits shall be considered out of ranking.
All participants who complete the course for each branch are given a commemorative medal. In addition, the first three degrees in 4 different age groups for women / men are given the rostrum medal.
For the single branch, the registration form should be selected as cycling or swimming or running and the registration fee should be paid accordingly.
B. Double Branch Participation and Awards: It means you will join two different branches. You are evaluated in the categories related to each branch you join.
Those who will join 2 branches should mark the relevant box on the registration form and pay the total fee specified for each of 2 branches.
C. Combined Participation and Awards: It means you will join all of the cycling, swimming and running stages. The relevant courses should be completed within the specified limits in order to enter the combined rankings. The end times in all branches are collected and the combined overall ranking is generated. In the case of equality; date of birth (year-month-day respectively) is considered. The older one is advantageous.
The first three degrees in female/male general classification regardless of age are given the cup. The combiners will have all the awards of the categories related to the cheapest participation fee. The aim is to encourage participants to be active throughout the day in all branches.
In order to join combined; “combined” option should be selected in the registration form and registration fee should be paid.
IMPORTANT: All awards will be given at the ceremony respectively, there will be no special application for those who want to leave early. Participants who cannot participate in the ceremony should leave a companion instead of them. Awards will not be delivered later. We kindly ask you to participate in the event as a whole, in order to honor the awardees, the supporting organizations and the organizing committee.

Rules / Reminders

*You should complete the registration form and pay the registration fee. The information of the participants who receive the fee approval is published in the list of participants. Please email if there is any change in your information in the list.
* Your identity card should be with you, the age classification will be done accordingly.
* Going out of the specified course is the reason for disqualification. There will be direction marks on the course and referee checkpoints and video shoot.
* Numbers will be delivered with identity check and against signature. No course should be entered without number. Supplied numbers or plates should be attached as instructed. If your number cannot be registered at the checkpoints or at the end, you cannot enter the ranking.
* Since this will be a special event, there is no medical report or license requirement. Participants are required to sign a collective registration and “Risk Acceptance Form” stating that the health statuses of participants are appropriate for this type of activity and they assume the whole risk at the registration desk on the day of the event.
* It is the participants’ own responsibility to comply with the general traffic, property and safety rules. The prohibited areas outside the course should not be entered. The participant himself / herself is the addressee of the legal problems that may arise from violations of the rules, the organization cannot be held responsible therefor.
* In order not to pollute the nature, you should drink your water around the station and put the packaging in the trash. Personal water carrying apparatuses can be taken.
* During the event, you cannot throw/leave any litter or any excess material in the environment. This behavior is a reason for disqualification.
* Weather conditions may be variable by season. Weather conditions should be followed and appropriate clothing should be selected.
* All awards will be given at the ceremony respectively, there will be no special application for those who want to leave early. Participants who cannot participate in the ceremony should leave a companion instead of them. Awards will not be delivered later. We kindly ask you to participate in the organization as a whole, in order to honor the awardees and the supporters.
* If the participants cannot participate in the events for any reason (business, family, health, etc.), no refund will be made. Registration fees will not be transferred to another activity or person.
* Change of route or distance can be made on the tracks due to changes in weather or land conditions and participant competence. Participants are obliged to comply with the new track arrangement, they cannot make contrary claims and demands.
* You can make an objection by applying to the event directorate with the objection fee of TL 100 and the petition within 15 minutes after the publication of the intermediate results. In case your objection is accepted, the objection fee is reimbursed and the necessary revisions are made and the results are revised. Subsequent objections are invalid.
* All participants are deemed to have read and known these rules and to have registered accordingly.



Cunda Doğa Camping

0532 762 15 77 / 0266 327 13 43

The facility is the area where the entire event is held. We remind you to take your place before the quota is full. The caravans are for 2 + 1 people and are rented for 2 days (not rented for one night). The mixed breakfast is included in the accommodation fee. You should bring your own tent and camping equipment for tented accommodation. Tented accommodation fee includes fixed menu breakfast + unlimited tea. If you wish to rent a tent from the facility, you will be charged TL 40 per night in addition to the following fees (a 2-person bed, sheet, piqué are given in it).

Caravan renting: 2 people 700 TL +1 person 150 TL (2-nights fee)
Tented accommodation: 2 people 1 night 130 TL / 2 nights 220 TL
3 people 1 night 195 TL / 2 nights 330 TL

Cunda House Otel

2kişi oda+kahvaltı gecelik konaklama 400TL
3kişi oda+kahvaltı gecelik konaklama 550TL
4kişi oda+kahvaltı gecelik konaklama 700TL

Cunda Otel

1 kişi oda+kahvaltı gecelik konaklama 520TL
2 kişi oda+kahvaltı gecelik konaklama 680TL
3 kişi oda+kahvaltı gecelik konaklama 910TL



Edremit Airport

Istanbul – S.Gökçen (SAW) Balikesir Koca Seyit (EDO)

THY      Borajet      Pegasus


By Car

If you plan to arrive by road to Ayvalık, the journey takes 8 hours from Istanbul. The majority of roads are double.

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